During the past eight years, we at AntiFact have had the opportunity to work in all varieties of digitial media and computer-related endeavors. When we formed AntiFact, it was to address the absence of professional out-of-house multimedia talent. In the stop-and-start world of media production, our clients quickly realized the value of using outside production services to augment or replace their development departments.

    Due to our passion for the industry, we keep abreast of, and implement technologies as they are being developed. This repertoire of technique and technologies adds greater value to our services. Clients cherish a consultant that can save them time and resources by providing informed suggestions on development choices, or who has already worked with the obscure protocols required by certain projects.

    Over the years, AntiFact has designed, implemented, debugged, consulted, and updated hundreds of projects for disparate clients. AntiFact helped a prominent studio get its first commercial website up in 1996. Using the original Apple MPW, we linked together multiple panoramic shoots of the Portland Rose Garden to create a navigable 3d tour in QuicktimeVR. AntiFact designed and implemented a 3D engine in JAVA just as SUN was releasing the technology. On the internet we have had the opportunity to implement large-scale PHP/mySQL web database sites, that due to our technological choices, were free to operate after development. We surprised quite a few clients back in the day when we offered them cross platform Mac and PC CD-ROMs in a single development cycle. Device programing and networking from Macromedia's Director has gained us a few clients, as has the development of games for website and CD-ROM content.

    Being comfortable with large-scale production and the quick turnover of a concept project, we at AntiFact pride ourselves on our professional approach to a project no matter the scale. We maintain contacts with ISPs, CD/DVD replicators and software-testing houses, allowing us to partially or fully develop any project. With a Texas school district as the end client, Antifact consulted on building a networked learning and testing software suite for K-6 students. For the Oregon New Media Awards, we designed a keynote presentation. We were hired to produce the logic programming and video integration on a bilingual employee training and certification program for a leading fast food chain. Members of our team have developed cross platform CD-ROM's for multiple clients. AntiFact has participated on a number of projects developing kiosks, including networked employee training and test stations, attraction loops for trade shows, as well as in-store product information browsers.

    If you have been in the industry for long, then you have probably already heard of us or have previously worked with us. If you have a current project in hand, we would be glad to consult with you. Otherwise keep us in mind, because wherever the future goes AntiFact will be there.

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